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What Do You Know About the Power of Associations?

In the United States alone, there are over 65,000 professional societies, trade associations, and chambers of commerce. If you add in philanthropic and charitable organizations, the number easily exceeds 1 million. The common thread with all of these groups is working together toward a respective, common vision.


According to the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), early settlers to the United States modeled British conventions and formed “guilds” to create communities of common bonds to help further work and lifestyles in the Colonies. In the 1830s, these types of like-minded groups were becoming more commonplace and many proved to be a strong foundation for democracy. 

Today’s associations are sophisticated and much more diversified but all maintain the same core value of communities producing positive results. 

ASAE is the association for associations. ASAE has more than 44,000 association professionals representing 7,400 organizations. This “umbrella” organization provides professional development, collaboration and networking, and government affairs opportunities.


What is the Power of Associations

ASAE and their members know the value of associations. SMG is an active member in ASAE, and our team of professional account executives are involved in ASAE in various capacities.  A key focus for ASAE is keeping the value of associations top of mind with our Nation’s policymakers. ASAE created an advocacy unit called The Power of Associations to demonstrate to Congress that associations support our economy and society. Here are the key benefits that associations bring to the business environment:

  • Associations Help Create and Protect Jobs 
  • Associations Educate, Train and Certify the Workforce
  • Associations Conduct Events that Produce Significant Economic Activity 
  • Associations Set Product, Service and Safety Standards 
  • Associations Provide Essential Technical and Subject-Matter Expertise 
  • Associations Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

SMG will continue to support ASAE’s efforts to promote The Power of Associations. We believe that associations foster professionalism, community, and prosperity. For more information, contact Mary Connor, VP of Client Relations.


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