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Choose an AMC

SMG's Association Management Company Model

As part of your management search process, you should understand the options for your organization's management model, and weigh the pros and cons of contracting with an accredited Association Management Company (AMC), which provides management services across multiple clients, versus directly employing your staff. How do you determine which model is better for your organization? Here are a few facts about Association Management Companies (AMCs), and SMG's Association Management Model in particular, to help you in your decision-making process.

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AMCs Provide Personalized, Professional Services

  • At SMG, our AMC management model is based on a "Team" approach, providing our client organizations with a consistent core staff of individuals who work directly with the Board and members in various functional areas. The staff team composition is flexible, based on each client's specific needs, and may include an Executive Director, an Associate Director, an Events Manager, a Financial Director, and an Association Coordinator. In most cases, members of SMG-managed Associations who are outside of the Board do not realize that the Association staff is part of an AMC, due to our consistent staffing and regular contact with the same team of professional, friendly staff members.
  • AMCs provide a high degree of professionalism, management expertise and office technology through the concept of shared resources. Overhead costs for the professional offices and office technology will be shared by other clients of the AMC, increasing resources and capabilities without requiring capital investments. The shared-resource concept can allow your organization to realize savings in computer hardware and software, office equipment, office space rental, insurance, staff training and development, and the host of other expenses that go into maintaining a business office.
  • The flexibility in staffing levels that an AMC can provide is a distinct advantage. A well-staffed AMC like Stringfellow Management Group can provide the appropriate people with necessary skills to provide temporary support for the regular staff, or to assist with special projects. The shared resources of an AMC help smooth out the inevitable peaks and valleys of staffing needs.
  • Similar to other professional service providers, AMC associates stay on top of developments and changes in the regulations and best practices governing non-profit management, and will advise clients on matters that may affect or may improve the Association's operations. At SMG, we actively participate in a number of professional organizations and societies representing the AMC profession, and we utilize our own in-house network to share new ideas and best practices.
  • Because the relationship of an AMC to its client is that of an independent contractor, the Officers and Board of Directors will be freed from employment responsibility and liability. Employee relations are an increasingly complex management responsibility; hiring, firing, worker compensation, fringe benefits, avoiding discrimination in a host of protected areas, and employer liability are only some of the concerns employers face. The AMC model will relieve the Board of Directors from all of these concerns, enabling volunteer leaders to concentrate on industry, policy and strategic issues, instead of operations and administrative tasks.

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