association management

Association Management

Stringfellow Management Group, Inc. is a Maryland-based AMCI-Accredited Association Management Company committed to the highest professional standard in full-service association management.

Our Association Management "Team" model provides our client organizations with a consistent, core group of professionals to skillfully manage day-to-day operations and programs, provide executive leadership to guide your strategic plan, and offer the team support that enables new program development.


  • Administrative & Operations Management
  • Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations
  • Meeting Planning & Production
  • Communications/Social Media Management
  • Technology
  • Member Services
  • Revenue Diversification
  • Financial Management
  • Federal Grant Management
  • Scholarship Management
  • Certification Program Management
  • Publication Design & Editorial
  • Additional Services:
    • Strategic Planning
    • Staffing Support
    • Succession Planning

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